ICT & Agriculture

ICT and Agriculture

With agriculture employing over 66% of the working population in Uganda, it is our goal to ensure it grows sustainably while feeding a rapidly growing population. The climate is warming up and the weather is increasingly becoming unreliable and unfavorable for food production. CITARD is using ICT tools deliver important and timely information to help farmers make knowledgeable decisions and improve farming practices.

Goal: Farmers with high productivity levels and better livelihoods.

Mission: To contribute to the development of agriculture through creating information flow channels for farmers using ICTs, as well as hands on support for increased productivity and better livelihoods.


  • Video view – In 2011, CITARD in partnership with Access Agriculture and Farmers Media carried out a video sensitization project. Over 500 farmers where able to view these videos on rice production and its best practices from seed selection to post harvest handling. The videos were translated into the local Luganda language that is understandable to the people of Butaleja.
  • Demonstration gardens – We are running a demonstration garden to help farmers learn on-site about farming rice.
  • CITARD Relief fund: Farmers need timely farm inputs and that comes with financial ability. Banks have always charged high interest rates making it hard for farmers to find financial assistance from them. Our relief fund has supported over 300 farmers to ensure there is no loss on the crop due to lack of inputs.

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Plot 128, Kumi Road.
Mbale Uganda. 
Email : info@citard.org

Plot 48 Hillary Road, Meritoria
Email: cit@citard.org



CITARD is focused on using technology to improve the lives of people living in rural communities. We source for technologies that are affordable, durable and have great potential to improve the lives of poor people.


 Our main interest is in making clean energy and energy efficient technologies available to all communities through donating a solar lamp, long term financing and direct sales of solar products, clean cook stoves and water purifiers.


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