Benefits of Using Solar to rural communities

Family income saved

Reduced risk of fire

Brighter than a Kerosene lamp

Increased productivity time

Renewable Energy

Climate change is a real threat to our livelihoods, many families do not have the resources and tools necessary to adapt or mitigate its effects. As we may be aware, fossil fuels are a major contributor to climate change, we are committed to moving to a clean energy economy that is reliant on clean and renewable energy to support the energy needs of all Ugandans.
To meet our goals, CITARD will take the following steps in the coming months.
  • Setup a Solar Duuka (Solar Shop) in a remote community to act as a center point for selling, repairing and training communities on advantages of using solar. The Shop will bring phone charging and lighting solutions to these communities while creating employment for at least 4 youth.
  • Bring together solar dealers to educate the communities and accelerate the transition to Solar.

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CITARD is focused on using technology to improve the lives of people living in rural communities. We source for technologies that are affordable, durable and have great potential to improve the lives of poor people.


 Our main interest is in making clean energy and energy efficient technologies available to all communities through donating a solar lamp, long term financing and direct sales of solar products, clean cook stoves and water purifiers.


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